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Serving Lander County residents and visitors, Battle Mountain General Hospital is a community-oriented health care facility dedicated to patient safety and quality care.







** We have been made aware that incorrect information has been circulating throughout our community as to The Battle Mountain Clinic closing due to increasing local numbers of COVID. The Battle Mountain Clinic and Hospital are open during their regular scheduled hours. The Emergency Room is open 24/7. We don’t have any restrictions in place other than wearing a mask and accurate reporting of your symptoms. We are very happy to serve this community. If you have any questions, please contact Battle Mountain General Hospital or the Battle Mountain Clinic. Thank you.**







*Please remember that our best defense against viral transmission, is our own behavior. Masks, distancing, avoiding crowded spaces with potential high risk, and handwashing are still best practices.*

At BMGH, we follow CDC guidelines and monitor the latest recommendations from state and national organizations, adapting our processes to meet best practices that limit exposure and prevent the spread of disease.  During this time, please remember that we are requiring all patients and visitors entering our facility to cover their nose and mouth. You can do this with a properly fitted cloth mask or your own surgical mask (We will provide one if you do not have one of your own).  At this time, masks with valves and fleece neck gaiters are not permitted and you will be asked to replace them with a surgical mask.

Proper use of masks have shown to decrease the spread of COVID-19 from infected people, even those who do not have symptoms. We are encouraged by data that show our efforts to stop the spread are making a difference. Our universal masking policy has minimized the number of staff exposures and transmissions to zero and our team members continue to do an exemplary job at following all PPE requirements. You can be confident that you will receive safe, high quality, compassionate care from our staff. Every member of our team is committed to keeping our LTC residents, patients, staff and community safe and we continue to count on you to adhere to our policy, allowing us to uphold that standard of care.

As we continue to test and treat individuals with symptoms and with the increase of confirmed positives, we will remain vigilant in following our safety protocols, including masks. We understand masks might be uncomfortable to some. They can be hot or may make some people feel anxious.  This does not override our efforts to establish reasonable conditions for providing safe care for you as well as other patients, unless there is an acute medical condition or an obvious sign of distress.  Any urgent or emergent medical emergency will receive the appropriate level of care immediately.

We do acknowledge there may be some extenuating circumstances that may allow you to forgo a mask.

  • If you feel you are in need of an exemption, we ask that you please call before you come to the clinic or for ambulatory or billing services to discuss options.
  • Those patients deemed high risk, if you are unable to wear your mask in public because you are experiencing respiratory symptoms, you should attempt to avoid public interaction with people when possible.  When you are in need of an office visit, we will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate you to the best of our ability.
  • All requests for accommodation must be done in advance and is subject to pre-approval by one of our medical providers, regardless of any waiver you may already have.  Please call ahead of time for this.

Our team members are our greatest asset and their health and safety is our top priority as they continue to respond to this pandemic, making your health and safety their priority. Our vision has always been to provide care without compromise. To us this means exceeding our patients’ expectations with every interaction.  Patient, resident and staff safety is always paramount in the services we provide even with the added precautions we must take at this time.  No one is immune to potential exposure and we remain grateful for your trust and your continual cooperation.

Thank you and stay healthy.





COVID-19 Statistics at Battle Mountain General Hospital

         Total:   2415







as of 11/17/2020

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Battle Mountain General Hospital is proud to support employees who choose to advance their education to an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in a qualified healthcare related field such as nursing, allied health care givers, diagnostic technicians, Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Education.

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