Bio For Katylynn Hymas

Katylynn Hymas


Katy is an APRN specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health. She does the amazing job of giving a voice to patients who are often misunderstood and she works to raise awareness for lesser-known health issues.

Every day is a different setting for Katy and she will see patients who might be experiencing physical as well as mental health problems. Her specialty allows her to provide therapy for the wide spectrum of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, PTSD and many other conditions so prevalent in today’s society.

She has a passion for mental health and a passion for helping people. Katy has devoted herself to human relationships and she recognizes the inherent value of every individual. With an otherworldly amount of patience and positive support she works alongside her patients to navigate the unstable landscape of mental health and helps them be their best self.

She genuinely makes a difference. Not enough is made of the positive relationships and outcomes mental health care providers are part of every day and we are truly grateful to have Katy at the BM clinic to offer her specialty of care.